Dolce Diet Personalized My Lifestyle Plan

The Dolce Diet – My LifeStyle Program

The Dolce Diet® My LifeStyle Program was developed to provide our clients with the tools needed to help maintain the body they achieved in the My Diet program. 

Have your own Registered Dietitian design your new program around your busy lifestyle!

Maybe you have a new addition to your family. Maybe you have just gotten married. Or maybe you've changed jobs. Let us fit your lifestyle into maintaining the goals you originally set.

All clients will complete a new online comprehensive survey that will help us tailor your plan around your lifestyle and goals.

After a thorough review, Mike Dolce will review your survey and assign you a Dolce Diet Registered Dietitian who best suits your needs.

Upon being appointed your very own Registered, Licensed Dietitian, you will then be contacted to schedule an appointment for your first 30-minute phone consultation, which will provide you with a detailed evaluation and determine the best course of action as it relates to your goals.


 Here's what the My LifeStyle program has to offer:

- New 8-week (continuous) Nutrition programs designed to fit your specific lifestyle and schedule

- A detailed Exercise program based on your unique body goals and current level of fitness

- Delicious Recipes & Grocery lists designed to suit the whole family and make your life easier 

- A Registered Dietitian on-call daily to assist in support and motivation

- Fast Food Prepping tips and tricks to fit YOUR life 

 PLUS, you'll receive a free Dolce Diet Sports Pack (while supplies last!)

If you have any questions about The Dolce Diet® MyLifeStyle program, please give us a call at 1-888-605-0510 (M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm PST).

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