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1-On-1 Consultation, Registered Dietitian

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The Dolce Diet Now Offers
1-On-1 Consultations!

The Dolce Diet is one of the most recognized brands in combat sports and weight management. It is our passion to see individuals meet their full athletic and lifestyle potential through proper nutrition. Looking to sleep better, recover faster and perform optimally? Take your life and training to the next level by scheduling a consultation with one of our Registered Dietitians today.

Who Qualifies??? 

1-On-1 Consults are Perfect For:

-Weight loss
-Weight gain
-Lifestyle management (menopause, diabetes, autoimmune, digestion) 
-Pre- and postnatal
-Marathon / Runners
-Power Lifting
-High School Sports 
-Dance and more!

How It Works

• You will be emailed a comprehensive assessment to be completed by you and emailed back to us. It will be reviewed by your Registered Dietitian, who will contact you to set an appointment for your phone consultation. 
• During your 30-minute consultation you will learn how to fuel your body for your goal. Together, you and your dietitian will develop concrete goals coupled with an action plan, allowing you to find athletic and/or lifestyle success through a strong foundation of nutrition.

(This is a consultation only, does not include meal plan)