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#1 OPTIMIZED Blood Work w/ Review

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Whether you’re a pro-athlete or just a regular person trying to get in shape, factors such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid, and metabolic issues can affect your ability to reach your full potential, both mentally and physically.

Yes, it can be super frustrating, and very confusing!

Getting a step ahead of these factors will allow you to train optimally, based on your body’s unique needs.

Don't let hidden "land mines" in your genetics blow up your chances of looking and feeling your best. 

With our industry-leading, comprehensive lab tests, you’ll receive bio-marker feedback with actionable steps to improve your:

  • Metabolism

  • Libido

  • Mood

  • Cognitive health

  • Body Composition 

  • And more!



  • We provide diagnostic testing of 26 different lab markers tailored for those wanting to optimize their mental, physical, and sexual health.

  • After your test, you will be booked for a 25-minute video conference with your Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) to fully discuss and explain your results, as well as the medical options available to you.

  • The report will provide easy-to-understand descriptions for each lab marker, how your results may influence your health and well-being, and tailored recommendations on diet, lifestyle, supplements, and medications where indicated, under a doctor's supervision.

  • You will also receive a 25-minute consultation with Mike Dolce or a member of The Dolce Diet team to discuss your lab results from a holistic perspective and determine the best lifestyle, diet, and exercise objectives to meet your goals.


This service is for ALL humans, male and female, athlete or weekend warrior, simply looking to take back control of their health.

We all need to know what is happening inside our bodies, and we can finally provide that service to you!


NOTE: Not available in Hawaii and some parts of New York State.



  • Upon registration, The Dolce Diet team will contact you via e-mail with simple instructions to schedule your private blood draw at a local LabCorp, or even in the privacy of your home.

  • After your blood draw, our medical doctor(s) will review your results and create your personalized report and recommendations.

  • Your report will be emailed to you by our Patient Care Coordinator, who will also set up your first consultation.

  • Once you have your report, you will forward it to our team (In compliance with HIPPA) to set up your DOLCE DIET consultation.

  • Contact with ANY questions!